After ten years, The Freedom Theatre enters a new chapter. We mark the beginning of our second decade with a new visual identity.

The mask

We chose a mask to keep with the traditional theatrical theme that has been a feature of our past logos. The right eye and nose together make up the word “free” in Arabic, to be a constant reminder of the core of everything we do as well as the liberation of Palestine that our work is contributing to.

The bold, thick lines give the mask a strong feel and the neutral expression symbolises The Freedom Theatre as a space that is filled with the creativity, expression and emotion of everyone involved in it.

The colours

A muted red is our primary colour, because to us, it represents our strong, bold and inspirational persona. Green and a mustard yellow symbolises our environment and our roots.

A big thank you to the team at Hyper Island who helped us develop our new visual identity: Amadeus Malmen, Azaa Ali, Emma Långström, Felipe Fiuza, Genny Rumancik and Porfirio Lopez!