The Theatre programme contains activities that introduce particularly the young generation to theatre and drama, providing them with important tools for dealing with the hardships of daily life under occupation. At the same time, The Freedom Theatre runs several professional training programmes with the aim of building up long-term capacity in the field of theatre, drama and applied theatre.

Here is a taste of what the Theatre programme has to offer:

Theatre School

In 2008, The Freedom Theatre launched the first, professional educational programme in acting in the northern part of the West Bank. Today, two classes of acting students have graduated and a third has just begun. Many of the former graduates are involved in The Freedom Theatre or other cultural venues as actors, teachers and project leaders. Continue Reading

Theatre workshops

Through theatre workshops for children and youth The Freedom Theatre introduces the young generation in Jenin to acting and theatre, while providing a space in which girls and boys can express themselves freely and explore their creativity. Continue Reading


By staging innovative, fresh theatre and performing arts productions, The Freedom Theatre is contributing to a transformation of the arts scene in the region. The Freedom Theatre’s productions often comment on social and political issues in contemporary Palestinian community and in the world, while exploring various forms of artistic expression, some of which are previously unseen in the area. Continue Reading

Performances and Screenings

The Freedom Theatre hosts performances by other theatres and performing arts ensembles from Palestine and abroad. Shows include theatre, music, dance and circus. In addition, The Freedom Theatre regularly offers film screenings in the theatre hall. For upcoming performances, check our News section!