The Freedom Theatre is a non-profit organization in Jenin refugee camp, one of the most oppressed areas of occupied Palestine – but also one of the most resilient. We know first-hand that there is immense potential in using the arts as a means of enriching the human spirit and coming together as a community to mobilize for change.

In addition to Jenin, we reach out to over 50 other communities across the West Bank, many of who would otherwise not have any access to culture.

Your contribution helps The Freedom Theatre provide creative activities for Palestinian young people, in theatre, photography, film, writing and much more. You enable us to stage professional theatre productions and bring Palestinian voices out to the world. Your support is absolutely essential to our ability to continue improving the lives of new generations through the arts.

If just 1000 people around the world donated 20 USD/EUR or more a month to The Freedom Theatre, we would cover our entire running costs!

Recurring gifts allows us to build sustainability which is key to increasing our impact. By becoming a monthly donor you ensure that we can continue improving the lives of children, youth and women in our community and beyond, by making art where art is most needed. Make a recurring donation and we will send you an exclusive welcome gift as well as updates throughout the year so that you can see the impact your donation makes.


Bank details

Account holder: Stiftelsen The Freedom Theatre Foundation
Bank name: Handelsbanken- Trangsund- Sweden
Clearing number: 6187
Swift address: handsess

Donations in EURO ACCOUNT NO: 43 321 089 IBAN EUR: SE13 6000 0000 0000 4332 1089
Donations in GBP ACCOUNT NO: 43 321 119 IBAN GBP: SE76 6000 0000 0000 4332 1119
Donations in SEK Bankgiro: 5939-2068
Other currencies ACCOUNT NO: 423 470 558 IBAN SEK: SE47 6000 0000 0004 2347 0558

Cairo-Amman Bank
Branch: Jenin (Palestine)
Swift Code: CAABPS 22
Account name: The Freedom Theatre Association
Account Number USD: 660000825069
Account number EUR: 660000825042
IBAN (please use the IBAN based on the currency – see below):
IBAN USD: PS94CAAB080400000660000825069
IBAN EURO: PS72CAAB080400000660000825077
IBAN NIS: PS08CAAB080400000660000855038