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The Freedom Theatre is located in Jenin Refugee Camp, occupied Palestine.


We frequently welcome guests who wish to learn more about our activities, and we are proud to say that we provide an experience that for many becomes an unforgettable memory and the highlight of the visit to Palestine.

We tailor the program according to the needs and wishes of the visitors. It could for example include:

  • A presentation of the work of The Freedom Theatre with short film, Q&A and tour of our facilities
  • Discussion or seminar about culture in Palestine, the socio-political situation in Jenin and the concept of cultural resistance
  • Professional theatre workshop
  • Attending performance
  • Guided tour of Jenin refugee camp
  • Lunch and/or dinner
  • Trip to nearby forest for picnic and walk
  • Overnight stay
  • Screening of relevant films in our cinema followed by discussions

In order for us to be able to host you, we ask you to contact us in advance via email: We regret that we cannot accommodate visits at other times than agreed upon in advance.


As a non-profit civil society organisation, The Freedom Theatre relies on donations to keep our many activities running. Therefore we ask for a modest contribution for the time allocated to preparing the visit and hosting you in the best possible way. There are fixed fees for tour operators and large groups, contact us via email for details.


On normal working days (Sunday-Thursday) the theatre closes at 16:00, after which we need to make special arrangements to host visitors. Please notify us in good time for us to be able to do so. On Fridays the theatre is closed and Saturdays are half-days. We therefore prefer to receive guests Sunday-Thursday. We are closed during public holidays. During Ramadan, the theatre has limited opening hours and thus it is even more important to pre-schedule any visit. Note that we cannot offer lunch for visitors during Ramadan.


We kindly ask all visitors to respect local customs when visiting the theatre. Both men and women need to pay careful attention to how they dress, as dress codes are important. The general rule is that women should wear long-sleeved and loose-fitting clothes that cover the body. Women should not wear low-cut tops, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts or short skirts. Whilst men can wear T-shirts, it is very uncommon to see Palestinian men dressed in tank tops or shorts.
There are exceptions to these dress codes among local residents but we still ask you to follow them. It will be viewed as a sign of respect towards the community you are visiting.


There are buses and shared taxis (in Arabic service) between Jenin and most main cities in the West Bank. From Betlehem or Hebron you can travel via Jerusalem, Ramallah or Nablus.

From Jerusalem/Ramallah: From Damascus Gate in East Jerusalem there is a bus to Ramallah. The station is located on Nablus road and buses usually run until 7-8 pm. From Ramallah take a shared taxi or bus from the central bus station where the bus from Jerusalem drops you. In Jenin you arrive at the garage (bus and service station) in the city center, from there take a private taxi to Jenin refugee camp (Mukhayem Jenin) and The Freedom Theatre (Masrah il Hurriyeh).

Nowadays the Jalameh checkpoint is open, which enables visitors to come in to the West Bank from north of Jenin, for example from Haifa, Nazareth and Afula, but there are no buses or shared taxis so transport through Jalameh has to be arranged beforehand.

To get from the Ben Gurion airport to Jenin, you can take an airport shuttle to Jerusalem and ask to be dropped off at Damascus Gate, or you can take the train directly from the airport to Haifa, get to Afula by bus/taxi and from Afula pre-arrange to have a taxi pick you up. Another option is to take a bus to Tel Aviv, from there bus or shared taxi to Afula and from there a pre-arranged taxi.

The Freedom Theatre

School Street, Jenin Refugee Camp
Occupied Palestine
Office tel.: +970(0)42503345