The Freedom Theatre’s multimedia program has grown out of the belief that telling stories is at the core of everything we do. To date over 500 young people have participated in photography courses and produced photo exhibitions. Filmmaking training has resulted in over a dozen short films, fictional and documentary. As in all areas of The Freedom Theatre’s work, more intensive training is also offered to trainees who develop skills in teaching others. A youth magazine, Voices, is published quarterly, with texts and images by particularly girls and young women from our community.

In all the exhibitions we have produced over the years, there is one red thread: the photographers, no matter if they are children or young adults, speak about their reality, in all its complexities. We find that through the eyes of children and youth, we have created a rich archive of this moment in history. Our photographs and films are like testimonies that reinforce our words when we speak about life in Palestine.” Mohammed Moawia, Multimedia coordinator, The Freedom Theatre


The photography courses put an emphasis on storytelling and self-expression through pictures. Participants produce their own exhibitions, in addition to working with the Creative Writing groups to prepare photos for each issue of the youth magazine Voices.

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Photography helps open my eyes to things that I have become blind to because I live here. Looking through the lens I discover my own context.” Haneen Haj Ibrahim, social media coordinator, The Freedom Theatre


Our film unit is set up as a collective space where novices and trainees are able to practice their craft alongside professionals who mentor them. It aims to nurture new voices and tell stories that reflect the humanity and truth of the Palestinian situation, far beyond the clichés and biases of mainstream media.

A selection of our films are available on our youtube channel.

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Creative Writing

Participants in the Creative Writing workshops explore their own imagination and ability to translate experiences and observations into different forms of text. They compose articles, poetry, essays, short stories and other pieces that are included in The Freedom Theatre’s youth magazine Voices, which is distributed throughout the local community and is also available online.