January 29, 2017

Every day we live in two different worlds. There is a world of beauty and a world of ugliness, of love and hate, bullying and acceptance. The Freedom Theatre’s young theatre workshop participants present these two contrasting worlds in the kids-for-kids play Trash. We see on one side of the stage a clean street full of plants, flowers and recycle bins, and on the other side a street full of waste and dirt. In fact they are two versions of the same place: Jenin refugee camp.

After a long process of research, field trips and workshops, led by Ahmed Tobasi and Alaa Shehada, theatre instructors at The Freedom Theatre, Trash was created in 2016 and further developed in 2017. The play addresses the issue of garbage in the streets and public places and how this littering affects everyone who lives there, but it also talks about the choices we have in deciding which of the worlds we want to live in. “The main purpose of the play is to give value to things that are not considered valuable and to promote good habits on sanitation: not only in terms of personal hygiene or keeping the places around us clean, but also to clean our thoughts and our society in order for us to achieve real independence and freedom”, says Ahmed Tobasi.

Saturday January 28, at 14:00

Saturday February 4, at 13:00
Saturday February 11, at 13:00
Saturday February 18, at 13:00
Saturday February 25, at 13:00