At 2pm on Wednesday, January 4th, The Freedom Theatre will stage a second* Playback Theatre event to protest against the ongoing arrests and nightly raids taking place in Jenin Refugee Camp.

Jenin Refugee Camp has recently suffered a higher number of Israeli military incursions and arrests than usual. In their incursions, the Israeli army typically breaks into homes – blindfolding, handcuffing and removing innocent people who are not suspected or accused of any crime. These people are often beaten, verbally insulted and locked in prison cells without access to any form of legal support. Reports from those arrested and detained speak of inhumane treatment that amounts to torture.
To bring attention to these human rights violations and the broader realities of occupation and apartheid, The Freedom Theatre will hold an interactive forum on January 4th. In this event, community members will share their experiences under military rule. Examples of popular struggle and psychological/spiritual resistance will also be shared. These testimonies and accounts will be enacted using Playback Theatre – a form of improvisational theatre where audience members volunteer life experiences and watch as a team of actors and musicians instantly translate their accounts into the language of sound, dance, movement, poetry and text.
The event will provide an opportunity for released prisoners and other community members, to communicate their story to one another and to the broader public. The event will also send a clear message to the Israeli government and military, that their actions are being closely scrutinized, recorded and publicized by local and international observers.
For further information call:
Rawand Arqawi, Press Officer on +972(0)599971070
Or e-mail The Freedom Theatre at
* The Freedom Theatre held a Playback performance on December 21st to bring attention to the arrests and detainment of several of its own staff in Jenin refugee camp. To view a YouTube clip of the action, please visit: