Theatre School

The Freedom Theatre offers an intensive three-year educational program in theatre, with a focus on acting, devising and the concept of cultural resistance. Students enrolled in the Theatre School become familiar with methods and approaches from around the globe, entering into the world of performing arts equipped with skills that enable them to succeed in their careers.

The Theatre School program is not only of a high professional standard, it is a school promoting freedom, unity and struggle against all kinds of oppression.

Theory and Practice in a Professional Context

The Theatre School combines theoretical and practical components of the performing arts. In addition to workshops, students attend theatre performances, film screenings and music concerts, meet with local and international actors and artists and work on productions throughout their education. To ensure excellence and high achievement, each student receives individual attention from the trainers.

Join the Theatre School – students

The Theatre School will start a new class in September 2018. If you wish to apply to the Theatre School, contact us, or visit The Freedom Theatre for more information on the application process.

Join the Theatre School – teachers and trainers

The Theatre School is always looking for talented trainers and teachers with extensive experience in the following fields:

  • Acting, Dance, Movement, Voice, Acrobatics, Improvisation, Playwriting, Dramaturgy, History of Theatre, Costume Design, Set Design, Production, Stage Management.

If you are interested in teaching at the Theatre School, please send us a brief letter describing your education and previous training experiences in the performing arts. Also describe the work you would like to do in the Theatre School and why. Don’t forget to mention your language skills as we are particularly interested in teachers and trainers who know Arabic. Please include pictures, video or other documentation of some of your previous work. Also give contact details of at least one person who can give reference to your work and teaching skills.


Support our students

Most of the Theatre School students come from the poorest and most neglected areas in the occupied West Bank. Through a monthly grant, The Freedom Theatre helps the students support themselves financially throughout the programme. Without this grant, most of them would not be able to pursue their studies at the Theatre School.

 Click here to support our theatre students!


Performances and Screenings

The Freedom Theatre hosts performances by other theatres and performing arts ensembles from Palestine and abroad. Shows include theatre, music, dance and circus. In addition, The Freedom Theatre regularly offers film screenings in the theatre hall. For upcoming performances, check our اخبار section!

I have learned many things in the Theatre School – the most important one is that The Freedom Theatre is not just a theatre, it’s a stage that can create revolution. Theatre is my whole life now. It gives me hope, and dreams. On stage I can do anything. – Motaz Malhees, Theatre School graduate 2014

The Freedom Theatre School is funded by the European Union and by Sida, as part of the PAN program.