We are pleased to present Assirk Assaghir, Nablus Circus School, performing ‘Maktoub’ at The Freedom Theatre on Tuesday February 14 in two shows, at 11:00 and 14:00. ‘Maktoub’, Written, aims to encourage reading in the Palestinian community through the arts.

Assirk Assaghir provides circus workshops for children and teenagers from the Nablus area, including surrounding villages and refugee camps, in acrobatics, stilts, unicycle, clowning, juggling, trapeze and tissue, as well as occasional workshops in music and acting. All these activities require that the participants encourage and support each other, creating an environment of trust where they feel free to take risks and express themselves. Trainers also facilitate group discussions after each class in which the participants are free to talk about what is happening in their daily lives and are encouraged by trainers to become active, not only in circus but in other aspects of their lives, especially in school.