Beautiful words from a graduate of The Freedom Theatre School, Raneen Odeh, about her experiences of working with children in Jenin refugee camp during The Freedom Theatre’s summer camp and a recently-started theatre club:

“A new journey began at The Freedom Theatre when children found the space to dream, play, have fun and be free. You can hear the sound of their laughter and see the joy in their eyes and their love for the place. They search for an opportunity to use their energy and discover their talents, and I feel that I am the magic lantern, doing simple exercises and feeling the depth of their focus with me which motivates me. I use my experiences in the theatre school and pass them on to the children, teaching them to act and to play. We agree together that we are all equal and we will learn from each other and help each other to grow trust, safety and love.

Thank you The Freedom Theatre because you gave me a chance to be a student in the school and now train these children from the camp. The most beautiful sentence I heard from them was ‘I will become an actor and make a great play’, this gives me hope, trust and pride. It is a new beginning for me and them.”

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