November 20, 2006

On Tuesday 25 March 2008, The Freedom Theatre organises a special screening preceding the world release of the film The Heart of Jenin.

This new documentary tells the story of Ahmad Al-Khatib, a Palestinian boy from Jenin Refugee Camp who was shot by the Israeli army in 2005 at the age of 12.

Despite their grief, Ahmad’s parents decided to donate their son’s organs to six Israeli children, thus saving their lives. The Heart of Jenin follows Ahmad’s father Ismael on his journey through Israel, visiting the children who found life through his son’s death.

The film is directed by Marcus Vetter and Lior Geller.

The Ahmad El-Khatib Computer Centre now open!

Thanks to the generous donation of Mr. Daniel Abrahams from the United States, The Freedom Theatre has been able to set up a fully equipped computer centre for the children in Jenin Refugee Camp.

At the donor’s request, the centre has been set up in memory of Ahmad El-Khatib, who was killed by the Israeli army in Jenin Refugee Camp last year, aged 12, and whose parents decided to donate his organs to three Israeli children. Through our work we hope to continue spreading the message of Ahmad’s parents and foster mutual respect, care and solidarity between people.

The opening of the centre has spread a lot of excitement among the local population, with up to 400 boys and girls already registering their interest to take part in our creative computer workshops.