The Freedom Theatre is thrilled to announce the appointment of their new Artistic Director Ahmed Tobasi.
Tobasi was born in Jenin Refugee camp and his personal story is one that echoes both the armed and cultural struggle that is inherent in the DNA of Palestinians.
After growing up experiencing the violent repercussions of the Israeli occupation, the first and second intifada, the invasion and bulldozing of the camp and being shot, he became a political prisoner for four years at 17 years old. Upon his release he joined The Freedom Theatre school later living in Norway and working and training with the prestigious Nodic Black Theatre in Oslo. Tobasi returned to Jenin Refugee Camp in 2013 after the assassination of Juliano Mer-Khamis, and worked within the Child & Youth program as well as performing and directing multiple professional productions. Most recently he told his own story in ‘And Here I Am’ written by Hassan Abdulrazzak which has toured the globe winning the award for best production at the Sharm El Sheikh International Theatre Festival.
‘To be Palestinian often means to be oppressed in multiple ways and I aim to use arts not only to resist the brutal Israeli Military occupation but also to fight issues within our own communities including racism and sexism. I aim to focus on moving our work onto the streets of Palestine, to collaborate with isolated communities across the West Bank and to fight for the equal rights of all Palestinians. I look forward to building further opportunities for children and youth, growing our theatre school, and finding new ways to engage people in Jenin Refugee camp and world-wide in our mission of resistance through culture. The Freedom Theatre has always been a huge family of artists and fighters and l look forward to continuing to build these collaborations whilst inviting new friends to join us in the fight for liberation’
Tobasi is honoured to build on the legacy of Juliano Mer Khamis who was the founding Artistic Director of The Freedom Theatre and was murdered in 2011 outside its doors. He also thanks and recognizes the work of his friend the Artistic Director Nabil Al-Raee and all those who fought tirelessly and have sacrificed to keep the theatre doors open after Juliano’s murder and whose passion, creativity and dedication has made The Freedom Theatre what it is today.
For any artistic inquiries or questions, you can contact Ahmed Tobasi, as the Artistic Director of The Freedom Theatre, through his e-mail: