Mustafa Sheta, secretary of the Board of The Freedom Theatre, was taken from his home by Israeli soldiers in the early hours of March 19. Mustafa, 35 years old and father of three children, is a researcher and a journalist who is well-known for his social and humanitarian activism. He works with the United Nations and is also studying for a Masters degree at the Arab American University. He recently received an honours award and was planning to pursue further studies in London later this spring. Sheta’s arrest came a few days before the theatre’s General Assembly.

“Since Mustafa joined the board last year he has been a tremendous resource for the theatre”, says Jonatan Stanczak, managing director of The Freedom Theatre. “His dedication, involvement and communication skills have meant a lot to us. We are doing all we can to follow his case. Until recently (March 22) there was no information at all available but we just learned that there will be a court hearing in a few days.”

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Update March 29: The court hearing scheduled for today, Sunday March 29, was postponed one week.
Update April 5: Mustafa’s family home has been ransacked by occupation forces and his younger brother arrested.