May 29, 2016

The Freedom Theatre’s staff look forward to a close and fruitful cooperation with our new board of directors! The board was elected at the general assembly on May 26 and consists of:

Abed Zubeidi
Bilal Al-Saadi, Chairperson
Ibrahim Abu Khalifa
Ibrahim Radwan Ramada, Secretary of the artistic committee
Imad Abu Hantash, Vice chairperson
Ghassan Tirawi
Mohamed Rizzi
Omar Kabeya, Treasurer
Shireen Ibrahim Jarrar, Secretary

At the general assembly, members also discussed the accomplishment of The Freedom Theatre in the previous year and approved the annual and financial reports for 2015 (find both reports here). The annual plan for 2017 was presented and approved. Some of the highlights of 2017 will be:

Street Theatre Experiences is a second step in The Freedom Theatre’s ambition to bring theatre to the people. It will be an opportunity to further investigate the form and method of street theatre and perform the play Return to Palestine that will be toured around Jenin and Palestine by a small team of actors. Interactive theatre presentations will continue throughout the year, performances that grow through the stories that audiences share.

The Siege will once again be re-staged and performed in Palestine and in the United States.

The Theatre School will graduate its current students and a new class of students will start their three-year training programme in acting, devising and cultural resistance.

Theatre for children & youth will continue with workshops, performances and a summer camp.

The Freedom Theatre Child Centre will continue with both a playschool and a comprehensive after-school program with painting, play, storytelling, dabke, photography and more. The training programme in early childhood education initiated in 2016 will continue until November 2017.

Collaborations and partnerships will continue to be a core feature of The Freedom Theatre’s activities. We will cooperate with our partners in the Palestinian Performing Arts Network (PPAN) with joint events and advocacy, and in the Jenin are we will collaborate with local organisations and work towards stronger relationships, increased coordination and sharing of information.

Internationally The Freedom Theatre will continue to collaborate with its existing and new Friends associations as well as with other partners.