Bukra el Ard (Tomorrow is the Show)
Directed by: Micaela Miranda
On stage: Alaa Shehada and Faisal Abu Alhayjaa

In cooperation with The Freedom Theatre and the Palestinian Performing Arts Network, and funded by Sida, the new troupe Palestinian Laughter Liberation presents Bukra el Ard, an experimental comedy performance.

One day before the opening, two artists come to rehearsal but to their surprise, they find the audience there ready to see their work. After all the problems they had creating their play, all they have is some notes from the director, and the director has not even showed up! There is only one solution: to perform.

Palestinian Laughter Liberation is a physical theatre troupe founded by graduates of The Freedom Theatre School Alaa Shehada and Faisal Abu Alhayjaa. PLL is the first troupe of its kind in Palestine and this is their first production, directed by Micaela Miranda from The Freedom Theatre. PLL use different methods of comedy including stand-up, movement, music, storytelling, clowning, satire and direct interaction with the audience. The troupe believes that comedy can establish a safe space for expression and free-thinking. Their main objective is to create an artistic and social movement in support of constructive criticism as a tool for change. Their philosophy: If you can laugh about it, then you can change it!

May 18, at 17:00
The Freedom Theatre, Jenin refugee camp
May 20, at 12:00
The Freedom Theatre, Jenin refugee camp

Special performance for children of prisoners on hunger strike
May 23, at 17:00
May 24, at 17:00
May 25, at 17:00
June 15, at 21:00
Ramadan evening performance at The Freedom Theatre

Funded by Sida through the Palestinian Performing Arts Network.