The Freedom Theatre is excited to represent Palestine at the 25th Cairo International Theatre Festival for Contemporary & Experimental Theatre. Graduates from the 3rd generation of the theatre school will present two performances of Return to Palestine between 20th & 30th September in Cairo. Since its opening, this production has toured all over the West Bank and performed at several international theatre festivals including Turkey, Jordan, Portugal and Kuwait. This is the first time The Freedom Theatre will be performing in Egypt and we hope this is the start of a new relationship with our Arab neighbours.
In a comic and tragic way, the play tells the story of American born Palestinian Jad who returns to his homeland. Here, he discovers Palestine is different from what is told on the news. The physical performance takes place at just a small part of the stage, which symbolises the restricted space of the Palestinian people. The play is based on true stories of life in Palestine, gathered through playback theatre during The Freedom Theatre’s Freedom Bus ride. It was originally produced in 2016, directed by Micaela Miranda.
We are also happy to announce a European tour for Return to Palestine this autumn in Sweden, France and Luxembourg. More details and a confirmed schedule of dates coming soon!