The Freedom Theatre is excited to announce the collaboration as official producer for the feature documentary film, “Kids of Jenin Camp.”  “The Kids of Jenin Camp” is a long-term documentary film following the daily lives of 10 kids growing up in the Jenin Refugee Camp. Palestinian filmmaker and journalist, Ismael Jabarine, began this film back in 2013 as he first sat down with the boys and girls of this documentary, only 9-years-old at the time and they told unbelievable stories about what it meant to live there.
The goal of Kids of Jenin Camp is to show what impacts the harsh and inhumane living conditions of the camp might have on the emotional, mental as well as physical development of the kids.
“The kids of Jenin Camp are exemplary for millions of children worldwide who suffer from ongoing conflicts.”
The Freedom Theatre will be supporting the film as it finishes its final filming in March 2020 and further in the accruing of resources and film grants.
To learn more about the Kids of Jenin Camp film, visit and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @KidsofJenin Camp and check out their newly launched website
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