The “Bad Boys” youth acting group have opened their new play – The Journey – in front of a full theatre hall in Jenin Camp. Defying the stormy conditions of this winter day in Jenin Camp, the crowd came flooding in to see their young boys take to the stage, some of them for the first time in their lives.

The new play tells the story of five young Palestinian boys, whose journey from the refugee camp to the sea turns into a great internal journey from the harsh reality of life under occupation to their aspirations for a better future.

The Journey has developed out of the play To Be or Not To Be… performed at the theatre last summer. Under the direction of Nabil Al-Raee, the young actors have rewritten and developed the story, adding new scenes and twists to the play.

After the opening show on January 29, the play will continue to be performed at The Freedom Theatre on a daily basis over a period of two weeks.