On June 6 2008, at 17.00, The Freedom Theatre opens its first photography exhibition prepared by children and youth in Jenin Refugee Camp. The exhibition is called Freedom and Oppression…
In preparation for this exhibition, children and youth in Jenin Refugee Camp embarked on an artistic journey, exploring the concept of freedom and exposing the oppression which affects Palestinians today – in their homes, their community, and as a nation.
From the familiarity of the camp the young photographers crossed checkpoints and roadblocks to travel through the West Bank to Bethlehem – for the first time in their lives standing face to face with the imposing Separation Wall.
At the end of the photographic journey, their pictures reflect their exploration into the freedoms of movement, choice and play; the freedom from discrimination, poverty and racism; and the most fundamental of all – the freedom to live. Without violence, without oppression, and without Occupation!
For more information, contact us by phone: 04 2503345 or by email: info@thefreedomtheatre.org.