January 31, 2017

Are you considering joining our International Theatre Workshop in April? Sign up now and get an early bird discount!
Sign up before February 16 and enjoy a reduced workshop fee: $480 with accommodation ($600) and $380 without accommodation ($500).

April 2-8, The Freedom Theatre invites international theatre activists: professional artists, theatre students and teachers, to an intensive workshop that will offer training of actors of resistance, preparing their bodies, minds and spirits for such work, presenting the practice and theory of the work and pedagogy of The Freedom Theatre. The sessions will include work on one’s personal story, based on the idea that we need to be able to tell our own story to tell others’ stories. This work is through the body and space, starting from personal experiences. Participants should be ready to move their bodies, emotions and memories.

Micaela Miranda and Nabil Al-Raee from The Freedom Theatre will lead the workshop. They will share their work and pedagogy developed within the framework of Cultural Resistance, making use of personal transformation as a political tool for social change.

In addition to gaining knowledge about the work and mission of The Freedom Theatre, this workshop will also give opportunities to try out some of the techniques developed by Micaela and Nabil in collecting stories and transposing them as part of The Freedom Theatre’s cultural resistance work.

On April 4, workshop participants are invited to engage in an event at The Freedom Theatre, which is a celebration of cultural resistance and the legacy of our co-founder Juliano Mer Khamis. There will be performances, film screenings, discussions and the graduation of the 2014-2017 class of the Theatre School.

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